The new showroom has been conceived as a space where the visitor can see and touch the selected materials under the best conditions.


Space dedicated to each family of products

Stimulating atmosphere

Constantly up to date proposals

Video and audio devices


Numerous customers and suppliers daily put their trust into Tragni as a reliable and resourceful partner. These are some of the main brands we work with.

about us

All along Tragni seeks high quality products and services appealing to designers, architects, artisans and companies operating in the field of interior design. Tragni is the official supplier of big brands and manufacturers of materials, surfaces and panels.

The main features of the company:

accurate selection of high quality materials

ongoing search for new materials and unique technologies

top quality products in their respective field

ideal geographical location

premises suitable for any needs, 30,000 sq metres

FSC® and PEFC™ certifications

complete and captivating showroom

reliable service